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Should Antique Furniture Be Refinished Or Restored?

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Often, when people have antique furniture that looks old and worn, they try to fix it up. While they have the best of intentions, they may not be doing the right thing. In fact, they could end up either ruining the piece or reducing the value of their furniture because they made significant changes to it. If you are considering having a piece of antique furniture refinished or restored, the best option is to take it to a professional furniture restorer. They will explain the options to you and let you know which is the best option for the...

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DIY SOS: Removing Pesky Furniture Dents From Your Floors

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Every once in a while, it’s common to spot unsightly dents and marks in your otherwise beautiful floor. The culprits? The majority of your furniture pieces. Not to panic, though! It’s easier than it seems to restore your floors to passable, if not great condition for years to come. Saving your floors needn’t be a time-consuming DIY headache. Read on to see how both carpet and wooden floor dents can be tackled in a matter of hours. Carpet Indentations in carpet are like tree rings; they can really age its appearance since its...

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Tips To Help You Get Maximum Value From Wholesale Mulch

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When you buy mulch (covering for your garden to prevent moisture loss) in bulk, there are certain things you should do in order to benefit from your purchase. This article discusses some tips that you should implement in order to get that higher value from the mulch. Keep Mulch Away From Your Plants When you buy wholesale mulch, there is a tendency to want to apply it generously in your garden. If you yield to this temptation, chances are very high that you will apply the mulch so thickly that it touches your plants. This is a big mistake....

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Teak Grading for Outdoor Furniture

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As the summer months approach, most of your time might be spent outdoors. Whether you are hosting a Christmas BBQ or just enjoying the scorching sun, an essential item to have is outdoor furniture. But which type of outdoor furniture is best? Teak wood furniture is a fantastic option as it has a significant reputation for quality and durability. Teak is protected by its own natural oils and rubber, which means that there is no need for you to waste your time and money on weatherproofing your outdoor furniture. Teak is not only...

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