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4 Simple Steps To Straighten Bent Vinyl Blinds

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Vinyl blinds may warp or bend because of excessive heat, UV radiation and regular wear over time. This will not only make them look unappealing, but it will also prevent them from their primary function of blocking out the sun. The good news is that you don’t have to throw them out when they start to bend. With a few simple instructional steps, you’ll straighten out your bent vinyl blinds in no time to help restore their full functionality. Remove Slats And Place Bent Ones In Hot Water Begin your straightening task by removing the bent slats and a few straight slats from their blind grooves. Fill a bucket or your bathtub with the hottest possible water you can get from the tap. Put on a pair of rubber gloves to prevent the hot water from scalding your skin. Place the bent section of a single slat into the water and let it sit under the hot water for a few minutes. This will make it easier to mould the vinyl slat into a straight piece. Remove The Slats From Water And Place Between Straight Slats Once you remove the bent vinyl slat from the water, place it between the straight slats you have removed. Position some weights along the length of the blind slats, so that they are pushed further together. The bent slat will start to cool down in the same moulded shape as the straight slats. You’ll want them perfectly aligned for the best straightening results. Leave the weights on the slats for several minutes. Detach Weights And Check Slats After some time, remove the weights from all the slats and check the bent one. It should have straightened out during the process of cooling under the weight of the straight slats. Heat straightens vinyl in the same manner as it does for clothes and hair. Repeat the process of heating, sandwiching and cooling for every bent slat until all of them have straightened out to your liking. Dry Slats Before Placing Them Back Before placing the slats back on their slots, be sure to wipe them all dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. Once you place the slats back into their slots, open and shut the blinds a couple of times to ensure that they work efficiently. If the slats still don’t appear straight, you may have to repeat the process all over again. If you notice bent slats often, then it could be because of excessive sunlight and UV rays coming through the window. Prevent this from becoming a regular occurrence by applying window tint film. Follow these steps for straightening out your vinyl blinds...

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A Guide To Painting Interior Plantation Shutters Using Spray Paint and Primer

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Interior plantation shutters can add a real touch of individual style to your home, especially when painted in colours that complement your d├ęcor scheme.  Although painting louvred plantation shutters can appear to be a rather fiddly and time-consuming task, it can be done quickly and easily by using spray paint and primer.  Read on to find out more.  What you’ll need screwdriver pencil and notepad liquid sander twist screw hooks string spray primer spray paint face mask All the above items can be obtained from a good DIY store.  This project is quite simple, although you will need a little basic DIY knowledge in order to remove and rehang the shutters. How to do it Start by removing the shutters from the window.  Use a pencil to number each shutter panel so that you know which goes where when you come to replace them.  This is important as alignment issues can occur if the shutters are not replaced correctly.    Remove any hardware such as knobs, hooks and hinges, remembering to note their position on the shutters.   Now clean the shutters thoroughly.  The quickest and most efficient way of doing this is by using a liquid sanding product, as per the manufacturer’s directions.  This method gets rid of any dirt and grime whilst chemically sanding the wood at the same time.  Allow the shutters to dry completely.   Fix two twist hook screws into the top of each of your shutters so that you can hang them somewhere suitable for painting.  A well-ventilated garage or outside space is best for this job.  You’ll need to be able to walk right round the free-hanging shutters so that you can reach every surface easily.    Put on your face mask and give the primer can a good shake until the metal ball inside rattles off the sides of the can.  This rattling indicates that the product has been well mixed and is ready for use.   Begin at the top of each shutter, and move the can in one direction only as you spray.  For example, if you begin to work from left to right, don’t suddenly change to work from right to left.  This technique prevents uneven distribution of the primer.  Use a smooth, even stroke as you spray, keeping the can equidistant from the shutter to ensure even distribution. Work with the shutter louvres fully open and ensure that you cover all the visible surfaces, nooks and crannies.   Spray the tilt rod using one continuous motion, remembering to spray both sides of the tilt rod, the top and the bottom.   Allow the primer to dry fully and then repeat the process using the spray paint.  You’ll probably need to apply two coats of paint, depending on depth of the final colour you want.  Leave the shutters hanging overnight to dry completely.   When the paint is dry, replace all the shutter furniture.  Remove the twist hook screws from the shutters and rehang them. In conclusion It’s easy to repaint your interior plantation shutters using spray primer and spray paint.  Just follow the guidelines above for a professional, stylish...

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How to Spring Clean Your Office

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When winter is over and spring arrives, it is time to do some spring cleaning. Not only should you do this at home, but in your office as well. Spring cleaning is not only great for the appearance of your office, but makes it healthier to work in as well. Here are some different ways to spring clean your office. Dust and Clean Electronic Equipment One thing in your office that probably doesn’t get cleaned often enough is the electronic equipment, such as computers, keyboards, printers, photocopy machines and fax machines. Dust is terrible for anything electronic, so take advantage of spring cleaning and get your equipment as clean as possible. Don’t just dust the outside of the equipment, but get inside and try to dust the little nooks and crannies as well. A feather duster is good for fitting in small spaces. You should also use a compressed air can as it helps clean smaller spaces, such as between keys on a keyboard. Finish up by wiping down the electronic devices with antibacterial wipes. Deep Clean the Carpets When it comes to the flooring, you should do more than just vacuuming. Before cleaning the carpets, vacuum them up and use the attachment to get the molding and trim around the office. Put aside the vacuum and shampoo the carpets. You can use a carpet cleaner that you buy or rent or hire a carpet-cleaning company to do it for you. Spring is the perfect time to do a deeper cleaning on the carpets than you normally would. Wash All Surfaces Take some time cleaning all surfaces, including the walls, outlet and light switches, and baseboards. These are areas of an office that don’t often get cleaned. Walls often have fingerprints, dust and dirt built up on them. Use a washcloth or sponge to wash the walls along with the outlets. You can also use antibacterial wipes or a washcloth with distilled vinegar to give everything a clean smell. Clean the Blinds or Curtains Window treatments need to be cleaned on a regular basis to reduce dust and allergens in the office. If you haven’t cleaned them in a while, now is a great opportunity. With curtains, it is best to remove them and run them through the washing machine. Look at the tag on the curtains to see how best to wash them. Blinds can remain where they are. Use a feather duster and microfiber cloth to clean them thoroughly. If you aren’t up for spring cleaning, you can also hire a professional team to do this for you, such as Crystal Waters Cleaning Services. They will clean the office thoroughly, including the windows and other areas that are difficult for you to get...

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Benefits of Using a Professional for Your House Move

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Shifting residence from one state to another shouldn’t be as hard as it may sound! By letting house removal specialists to take care of all your belongings when you are moving house, you can forget all about the hassle of DIY projects for a reasonable price. For those price-savvy people who think that DIY projects are the best, here are a few points to explain why paying a professional house removalists to do the work for you is money well spent. Insurance protection Most house insurance policies only cover the residential structure itself and items kept inside the structure. Hence, it is likely that your house insurance may not cover your household belongings when they leave the house. If you are using a personal van or pickup truck to move household items to the new location, you may have nowhere to turn to for financial compensation in case you lose your items or they get damaged while you are transporting them. As a result, you may need to purchase a separate insurance cover to protect your property every time you are on the road. However, buying such a policy when you can’t see yourself relocating your family every now and then can prove to be uneconomical. For that reason, it is better to employ the services of a house removalist that can provide insurance cover for your possessions while in transit at only a small fraction of the premiums you would have to pay as a DIYer. Storage options Most seasoned house removal specialists are essentially moving and storage experts; they will not just help you move your things to a new location, but they can also offer you storage space to safely keep items that you may not want to take with you to the new residence. Hence, you can avoid being stressed out about how you will convince a friend or family member to let you have their spare room to lock up items you don’t plan to use in your new dwelling. As other household items are being transported away to the new place, a self-storage unit can be provided to help safely store those that you don’t want to clutter your new home. Alleviate physical exhaustion Carrying and loading heavy furniture items, packed boxes, lawn mowing equipment, and many more items yourself is a back-breaking job. By the time you finish unloading and unpacking, you will definitely need a few days of rest before your body can recover from the physical exhaustion. Let a team of trained and experienced removalists dispatched to you by a house removal company do what they do best for so many other people; do all the heavy loading and unloading for you! For more information, contact a local removalists interstate...

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Surprising Times You Might Benefit From a Self-Storage Unit

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A self-storage unit is a good option for when you just don’t have room at home for bulky items, an extra vehicle or ATV, or for when you’re between moves and need to travel light. There are also many other times when you might consider renting a self-storage unit, either temporarily or for long-term storage. Note a few surprising times when you might benefit from such a unit and why it can be a good option for you and your family. 1. During the holidays If you host your family during the holidays, you may note how difficult it is to clear out the guestroom of all the items you normally store there and to find space for gifts that you don’t want your family to see before Christmas. Use a self-storage unit to move out unnecessary furniture that may get in the way of your dining room that will be crowded with guests, items you’re storing in an extra bedroom, and anything else that always seems to get underfoot when your family arrives. You can also easily store that new bicycle, flat-screen television, set of golf clubs, and other gifts you don’t want revealed before the holiday arrives. 2. During a home renovation project When you’re renovating your home, you may find that you are always tripping over boxes, furniture you need to move out of the area being renovated, and the like. A self-storage unit can give you the space you need when renovating any area of the home. Use it to keep that extra furniture that needs to be moved out of the renovated area, items you’re storing in that space, and even building supplies and tools that cannot be easily stored in your home during this project. 3. When a child goes to school or moves out When a child goes off to university or moves out on their own, you may want to use their room as a guestroom or otherwise clear out some of their items, but they may not have space in their dorm room or their new, small apartment for everything they want to keep. You may also think there is a risk that your child may come home sooner than expected if they don’t like their new roommates or find they actually cannot afford to be on their own. Using a self-storage unit can mean safely storing away their items until they find a permanent home while not having them in your home and in the way. For more information about self storage, consider a company like Zippy Removals &...

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What do you get out of landscape edging?

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You have probably seen it at a friend’s house or in your neighbourhood. Landscape edging is quite popular whether one has a large backyard or just a small garden at the front of the house. It comes is all sorts of materials, from wood, mulch and rocks to aluminium, plastic and brick. It may have just seemed like a purely aesthetic decision but there are plenty of benefits to installing landscape edging. So if you are thinking of putting in some plants and doing a bit of landscaping around your home, here are the reasons why you should consider landscape edging. Defining spaces One way to clearly distinguish the gardening space from the rest of the yard is to put in some landscape edging. This makes it clear to all (well, the adults and older children anyway) where they can and cannot step into within the backyard space. It is best to put the edging in as soon as you start the garden. This will help you know how much space you have to work with so you can decide how to design your defined garden space effectively. Containing the garden Putting in the edging provides a boundary both on the soil surface as well as some distance beneath. The underground part of the landscape edging ensures that the roots of the plants in the garden don’t grow outside the bed, and keeps the grass out of the gardening area as well. The edging’s portion on the soil surface keeps the soil and mulch from being blown or washed out of the garden space and into the yard. This ensures that the plants in your garden get all the nutrients they need without competing with the grass or losing some of the soil they need, and you end up with a healthy and beautiful gardening bed. Ease of maintenance Working on the lawn or the gardening bed is much easier with an actual landscaping edge than without one. The solid border ensures that whether you are weeding your gardening bed or mowing the lawn, there is no risk of damaging the grass or the garden plants in the process. The edge protects either side from such damage, while also making maintenance processes like chemical applications, fertilization and irrigation of the gardening bed much easier as they are contained and separated from the rest of the yard. Aesthetics You were right, to a point, about the aesthetics. While landscape edging may not be purely about aesthetics, it does make the yard and garden look a lot better visually. Different materials and colours of edges create different looks for each garden and a lovely contrast with the rest of the...

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Smart Storage | 3 Steps To Pack Your Expensive Crystal Bowls For Storage

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If you’ve decided to move overseas temporarily or if your home is under renovation, you may need to invest in a storage unit for placing all your household items until you can use them again. Packing for self-storage units can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right materials for your expensive crystal bowls. This step-by-step guide aims to help you in your quest to properly pack your high-priced crystal bowls for the storage unit. Ensure They Are Clean And Set In Bubble Wrap Your first step is to ensure that the crystal bowls are clean and devoid of any food particles. This could cause mould and mildew to form on them. Even though the glass can be cleaned, you don’t want these types of bacteria to sit on your precious crystal-ware at all. Once they are clean and dry, you must place each bowl individually in layers of bubble wrap. Use packing tape to secure the bubble wrap robustly on the crystal bowls. Set Up Cardboard Boxes Make sure you spend time preparing your cardboard boxes for your crystal bowls because you don’t want them to accidentally break through the box as you carry them into the storage unit. You know that your crystal bowls are expensive, so don’t skimp out on the cardboard box material. Make sure the box is thick and strong enough to hold the crystal bowls you place in it. After setting up the box, you may want to tape down the sides and bottoms so that they don’t break open in transit. Make sure you use strong industrial-grade packing tape for this box-securing task. Tape up all corners and openings to give your cardboard box the best possible chance of survival in the storage unit. You can alternatively use a wooden box for more secure crystal bowl storage. Place Crystal Bowls Inside Box Once the box it set up, it’s time for you to set the crystal bowls into the boxes. Take care not to overload the box. Depending on the size of the box and bowls, you may only be able to pack a few bowls into it. Start by placing crunched up newspaper or packing paper at the bottom to give the crystal bowl a soft cushion to sit on. This way if the box moves or falls for any reason, your crystal bowls will remain unharmed. Once the bowls have been placed in the box, secure the sides and top with more newspaper or packing paper until everything is taut inside. Avoid using packing peanuts to secure the bowls in place because they will tend to fall to the bottom in transit, leaving the sides of the box unprotected. Close the box and seal it with packing tape. These steps will ensure that your expensive crystal bowls remain undamaged in the storage unit. For more tips and materials, talk with a local storage unit company, such as All Purpose Self...

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Quick Tips for Choosing Bathroom Accessories

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Your home’s bathroom accessories may be more important than you realize. These accessories need to be functional but they should also be visually appealing, as they may work to bring together all other elements in your bathroom including the surface materials and shower curtain. The wrong bathroom accessories can take up too much space and look out of place, whereas the right accessories will make the space look finished and polished. Note a few tips when you’re ready to shop. 1. Complimenting surface materials It’s a common mistake to choose bathroom accessories that are the same material as the surface materials of your bathroom. This can cause them to compete or to look as if they don’t actually fit; if you opt for a different shade of wood for your accessories than the bathroom’s wood floor, they may actually clash. A better choice is to choose complimentary surface materials. If the bathroom has a dark wood floor and a dark wood vanity, choose a light porcelain for your bathroom accessories. If the bathroom has a glass shower screen, opt for nickel or anther metal or a darker material for the accessories rather than glass so they stand out and don’t compete with the shower screen. 2. Size Bathroom accessories that stand out and make a statement can seem very decorative, but getting pieces that are oversized will make your bathroom crowded and cluttered. Measure the space you have for a wastebasket and your bathroom counter space. If your bathroom is very small, choose accessories that attach to the wall so they’re off the sink and save space. Look for matching shelves so you can line up your toothbrush holder, tissue box cover, and other accessories and keep them neat but out of the way. 3. Look for added storage Most people wish they had more storage space in the bathroom, and your accessories can often do double duty by providing you with added storage. Look for small cupboards you can attach to the bathroom wall or tall towers with storage boxes that sit on the bathroom sink. A towel rack might have a canister at one end that holds your hairdryer or curling iron so the cord won’t get tangled and it’s always at your fingertips. They might also have hanging shelves that allow you to get more items off the sink while still keeping them close at hand. No matter your choice for bathroom accessories, shop around for those that offer these added storage options for maximum space in the...

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Why Use Custom Kitchen Cabinets Made From Wood?

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These days, kitchens are no longer just places to cook, clean and store food; modern kitchens are significant interior design showrooms, and it is quite evident that modern-day home owners are constantly looking for new ways of remodeling their kitchen space. So, what makes custom wood kitchen cabinets an ideal choice for kitchen renovation projects? Optimal utilization of space The best thing about using tailored wood kitchen cabinets is that they can be designed to fit into virtually every inch of space in your kitchen. Whether they are mounted on the wall or installed at the center of your kitchen area, these cabinets can add greatly to the volume of useable space in the kitchen. These box-shaped fittings often come partitioned with shelves and separate lockable drawers so that you can neatly store your things when you are not using them. Because wood kitchen cabinets are made-to-order, you won’t have worry about purchasing ready-made cabinets that might turn out to be too big or small to fit into the intended spaces. Hence, using these cabinets is an ingenious way of creating more functional space in your kitchen place. Explore your personal sense of style Ready-built kitchen cabinets often deny home owners the liberty to have products that match their personal sense of style. Even though there might be a broad array of standard cabinets available out there on the market for you to choose from, you will probably be compelled to settle for those which only have most (and not all) of the features you might have wanted. Custom wood cabinets are made from a personal choice of wood types, finishes, and accessories to match your exact desires and needs. As such, you can select features that will work best for you and integrate a personal touch of style into your kitchen as well. Easy to refurbish The best part about having custom wood kitchen cabinets is that you can refurbish them when you are tired of the old look. All you need is a skilled wood craftsman to help you ingrain or repaint the surface of the wood to give it a fresh look. Better still, you can save a few dollars by refurbishing the cabinets yourself provided you have the right blend of carpentry skills and tools. Extras like cabinet knobs and pulls, drawer inserts, door hinges, spice racks and many more can be used to inject new life into old wood kitchen cabinets look as if they were brand new. This way, you can give your kitchen a facelift as many times as you want across the...

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Considerations When Purchasing a Shed for Your Vehicle

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One of the biggest investments that you will make is your vehicle. As such, you would like to ensure that it is cared for and maintained well to ensure that it serves you for a significant period of time. However, some homeowners do not have the privilege of having an easily accessible garage to park their car in. As such, their vehicle is forced to bear the changing weather elements, and this will make it more susceptible to succumbing to wear and tear. The good news is that if you have some extra space, you could purchase a shed for the specific purpose of providing shelter for your car. Here are some of the considerations that you should keep in mind. What type of material should your shed be? The most common material sued on prefabricated shed is wood. Pine is a common choice as it is economical and abundant. However, it is not the best option of you are looking for a shed that will be rot resistant. If you are concerned about the wood rotting, then you could opt for a shed made from cedar as this type of wood has a higher resistance to rot. Another popular material for sheds is metal. Although these will not have the same rustic appearance as wood sheds, they tend to be rot and fire resistant. They also come with sliding door making it easier for you to park and remove your car. Metal sheds will require some maintenance though to ensure that they do not start developing rust. Lastly, you could opt for plastic sheds. These require the least maintenance when compared to other materials. However, they are not particularly attractive thus may not add much aesthetic value to your property. How sturdy is the shed? Generally, homeowners will use their sheds to store small items such as garden tools and other items that are not used on a regular basis. As such, you will find that not all sheds are built with sturdiness in mind. However, if you are looking to purchase a shed for the sole purpose of using it as a carport, then you need to ensure that it is strong enough to keep your vehicle secure. One of the aspects to check is the alignment of the roof. A sagging roof will not be able to withstand extreme weather conditions and thus would not be a good choice for your vehicle. Another aspect to check is the sturdiness of the walls. You should try to push against them and feel whether they offer up resistance. If the walls of the shed bend and flex rather than resist your pressure, the shed is not strong enough to be used as a...

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